Benjamin Stanley’s Story

I am submitting a testimonial to the medicinal/healing effect of CBD Tincture.

My son Benjamin was born a neuro-typical boy full term baby back in the late 80s.
He was the youngest of our three children. He was also our only son.

When he was 15 months old .......he was given the MMR vaccination and without warning 
immediately began to regress in development. 
He stopped using language, gesturing, giving eye contact and retreated into his own world. 
We thought he became deaf as he wouldn't respond any longer to our pleas of engagement. 
He soon became our "parrot" as he begin to just repeat what he would hear. 
His language changed as he grew into third person references as if he was talking about himself to himself. 
"Ben is hungry" he would say.

We began early looking for ways to heal him. We researched everything Autism
and found the leading Doctors to find Bens way out of this entrapped world of autism. 
It was exhausting and expensive and no one had the answers. Except to say that it WASNT the vaccine.

Our journey as a family took us through some very dark times and dead ends. 
We vowed to keep searching as our sweet son was growing into a young man. 
At 15 years old as the hormones shifted an explosion of temperament occurred that rocked 
our families world as well as Bens. He began having "rage seizures". He became volatile, 
violent and this was an excruciating loss of a sweet temperament. 
Not many people in his life understood what was going on and everyone had a judgment. 
It was a very isolating time for us all.

We continued working with leading specialist trying a variety of medicines, diets and supplements to no avail. 
Eventually it led to Ben having to be entrusted to a Group home that could serve his needs 24/7. 
His family was beat up and tired. We felt defeated but were thankful for the reprieve. 

Ben has been in the Regional housing system for 7 years now. He has lost one housing placement 
due to his outbursts, and has had a few 5150s. The medications we have him on are primarily sedating. 
So he is in a state of sedation or upset most of his day. 

We were introduced to CBDs through my brothers friend Dylan. 
We were open to this alternative approach as everything else hasn't worked. 

We started bringing Ben home on the weekends to administer the tincture 
and the effects were noticed almost immediately. 
Ben went from having 3 to 4 seizures a day to having 3 to 4 seizures a weekend. 
Not only is he having fewer seizures but the duration of each seizure has been dramatically reduced.  
Our son has become increasingly aware of his seizures and is able to calm himself down at an alarming rate. 
We are starting to see our son become more of his true self. 
His days aren't filled with as much anxiety and upset and he is certainly more present. 
His desire to connect with family and friends has increased.  

We believe we have only just begun to see the benefits of this new protocol. 
Not long ago our feelings were that we had done our best and that this was the best we could expect from Ben... 
But we are now Grateful! And have "Hope" that a lot more is possible.  
We look forward to the new developments in the CBD tinctures/wax/edibles 
and a world of new possibilities for our son.

My son now is 25. High functioning autism.........

We are using 6-7 droppers per day 
1/2 pure blend CBD & THC
1/2 pure potency Extra CBD

The next part of my life is dedicated to opening a working ranch for autistic adults.
Here is the release of our latest project to promote our cause.
B Walker Ranch........named after my son Benjamin Walker, featuring Ben......
Jeanine and Kevin Stanley

Founders, B Walker Ranch