Testimonials for Naturally Mystic Organics:

Mary's Story



This is by far the best medicine I have ever used, and I’ve had plenty. The taste is a wonderful bonus, because each drop is a taste treat, and I sometimes consider it dessert. But the real relief in my whole body is the most amazing part, and doesn’t get me stoned or groggy, just feeling so much better each time. It’s very clean and pure, and you can feel the wonderful energy of it, (and even of the creators, which is fantastic to me)! Yet at the same time is not filtered or refined too much that it keeps its natural organic healing properties. I only wish it was at every dispensary or delivery service near me, since it’s way better than anything I’ve been able to make myself or ever bought. Thank you for making and sharing such lovely creations. It has actually improved my life in so many ways and many times. I’ve used the whole line of tinctures depending upon what I need at that time of day, plus the Pure Releaf Salve on achy spots and to moisturize and heal my skin, plus the roll on for headaches. Each works beautifully.


Mary J, Santa Maria, CA.

Mark's Story





My mother, age 87, has had Restless leg syndrome for over 30 years. She would walk for hours, day and night, with very little sleep. Two years ago, she had to have neck surgery because her vertebrae were collapsing on her spine. While in the hospital she was seen by about every specialist.

Every day for 3 weeks she cried and begged to get out of bed so she could walk to ease her RLS. It was awful to watch her go through this terrible situation.

They tried Tranquilizers, Requiem, Trimidol, Phenobarbital etc. nothing would help. After she came home I saw “Weed” on CNN with Sanjay Gupta. Something clicked in my head, so I first tried giving her a little to smoke which turned out to be the wrong thing to give—actually made her worse. I got discouraged and waited about three weeks. By then Mom was becoming desperate and was talking about suicide… I managed to get some CBD AM (Tincture) made from Naturally Mystic Organics. I began to experiment with dosages and after many days of success, I finally figured it best to have her take approximately 3/4 of the dropper 3 times a day.

After the first week I would ask her how she felt… she paused and hesitated to say that she thinks the CBD is actually working. I was scared it would only work for a short period of time, but 4 months have passed now and she is doing unbelievably better, sleeping more and not falling down. And I even got her off the Tranquilizers.

Oh Yeah–I have experimented with other makers of CBD and none have worked. THE GREAT PEOPLE AT NATURALLY MYSTIC ORGANICS ARE TRULY A LIFE SAVER AND I CAN NEVER THANK THEM ENOUGH.”                                                          

–Mark N, Ontario, CA.





Scott's Story





Dear NMO,

I Love you. I have been in debilitating pain for years. The Pure Blend 2:1 saved me from a life of constant pain.

Scott, Big Sur, CA.


Benjamin Stanley's Story

I am submitting a testimonial to the medicinal/healing effect of CBD Tincture. My son Benjamin was born a neuro-typical boy full term baby back in the late 80s. He was the youngest of our three children. He was also our only son.

When he was 15 months old …….he was given the MMR vaccination and without warning immediately began to regress in development. He stopped using language, gesturing, giving eye contact and retreated into his own world. We thought he became deaf as he wouldn’t respond any longer to our pleas of engagement. He soon became our “parrot” as he begin to just repeat what he would hear. His language changed as he grew into third person references as if he was talking about himself to himself. “Ben is hungry” he would say.

We began early looking for ways to heal him. We researched everything Autism and found the leading Doctors to find Bens way out of this entrapped world of autism…

http://naturallymystic.com/benjamin-stanley/ (click link to read full story)

Will's Story


Naturally Mystic Organics’ Pure Sleep THC Cannabis Liquid Extract helped me sleep through the night. I woke up the next day feeling rested and refreshed with no grogginess or fuzziness.

Will K., Santa Cruz, CA.


Emma's Story



The Pure Vitality (CBD AM) was the first tincture I tried. Wow. Delicious! Spearmint essential oil and Gotu Kola are added to this CBD tincture, making it perfect for daytime use. If I’m having trouble falling asleep, I take 3 full droppers of Pure Sleep (THC PM) followed by 1 full dropper of Pure Sleep (CBD PM). This helps me fall asleep and stay asleep until morning. I wake up feeling refreshed, not groggy. I absolutely love these tinctures. I think everyone should try the sample pack of these six tinctures. It’s not expensive. Try them out and discover your perfect regimenJ

Emma, manager at Green Goddess Collective Venice, California

Philip's Story

Hello there,

I would first off like to mention that this product (Pure Potency Extra CBD tincture) has changed my life completely. I suffer from slipped discs, pinched nerves, muscle spasms, torn spinal ligaments with bone spurs along my spine. The last 5 years of my life I have had to quit all sports including both of those I was a Jr. Professional in. The pain got worse and worse per year and this past year has been so bad I had to quit any work I couldn’t do from home and had to leave school as well. My pain controlled me from not being able to leave the house for more than 2 hours tops or I would get a pinched nerve and loose feeling and function of my limbs. I just couldn’t function without smoking or vaporizing all the time for pain and nerve pinch control. I have not been able to do any exercise more than light walking for 2 years.

Now I am 4 weeks in on using this product and I am finally back in control of my pain and more importantly my life. I am not just able to work out now, I am doing the Insanity fitness program plus yoga every day since I got the product and have the ability to push myself without pain getting in the way and its inredible. I own my life again and can do almost anything I used to be able to do before my pain crippled me. I have never felt so happy and so hopeful for the future because now I know my pain will never control me or my life again. I have tried CBD flowers and also other CBD extracts/ lotions in the past but none have sufficed so far to take away the pain and un-pinch nerves. But this product has a professional looking bottle and is incredible from the way it tastes, smells, and most of all functions.

Hands down this is the best cannabis product I have ever used as a MMJ patient for my symptoms and ailments. If you have any pain anywhere I highly recommend you try this product, it’s worth every penny and you will not be disappointed. Thanks so much for creating such an amazing product and keep up the great work!

Philip, Long Beach, Ca.

Kyle's Story


I was in a motorcycle accident on 4-27-14 .. I sustained a lis franc fracture in my left foot , dislocated all toe bones, snapped the 3rd toe bone at the base where it connects to my ankle area, and fractured all others, I lost all ligament connections in my foot, it was basically “blown apart” … I endured multiple surgeries, pins / plates / screws etc …. I had been in severe pain and infection looked to be setting in. On 9-28-14, I met the folks from Naturally Mystic and explained my situation, Cricket offered me a sample of Arnica-Chamomile Cannabis-Shea Balm to place on and rub into my foot.. I went over and sat down, rubbed it in and forgot about it … I arrived home about four hours later and told my wife my foot was feeling really well, I went to pull my sock off and was amazed, it was as if the balm had reached deep into my foot with its medical claws and pulled the infection right out … I gave each cut a lil squeeze and wiped it up… the pain was almost nonexistent and within 5 days after, my wounds were completely healed and I had no further problems with infection or the wound sites. And for a few days after the pain was actually mediocre compared to previous days … I’ve tried many other balms/rubs in the past and was not impressed and even questioned if they worked. I have no doubts now, I have finally found a real, true, quality product made with care and compassion, my thoughts and beliefs have been forever changed… the power of cannabis is real and strong… Thank you Cricket , you and your wife thank you!!! I am forever grateful and look forward to having your products take over my medicine cabinet.

Kyle, Modesto, California