liquid extracts

We use the power of alcohol (gluten-free and certified organic) to preserve the spiritual and physical essence of our medicinal plants.

Liquid Extracts are designed to allow fast delivery and consistent dosing. When taken directly under the tongue (sublingually), it is rapidly absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

Our formulas are kept safe for your use in violet glass to prevent the proliferation of bacteria and mold.

CBD extracts are flavored with organic spearmint oil for a nice refreshing taste.

THC extracts are naturally flavorful – no added spearmint oil is needed.


We infuse our cannabis extractions into a certified organic base of shea butter for our balms and a blend of certified organic exotic oils for our serums.

Cannabis Topicals are designed to repair skin from minor cuts, scrapes, bug bites, and other skin irritations. As they soften and moisturize, our topicals also provides pain relief from headaches, bruises, achy joints and muscles, sprains, strains, and swellings.

A little goes a long way.

Available in California Dispensaries

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